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Discover 3 Reasons Why You Should Do Lead Generation




As an entrepreneur or salesperson, imagine yourself sitting next to a phone and a pretty thick database, filled with tons of contacts with their respective numbers and e-mail addresses. You are pretty excited about this!   But then this happens:


- First you think to yourself, "I am definitely going to get a lot of meetings with this information, Let’s begin calling and making some money!"


You pick-up the phone, make the first call: no answer.


- Okay, no problem, I got plenty more where that came from.


2nd call: voicemail.


3rd call: An elderly woman picks up the phone, then hangs up after she actually notices you want to sell her something.


4th call: Another person picks up the phone and says ‘I have no idea what you are talking about, this is a kindergarten, guess you got the wrong number’


5th, 6th, 7th call… 99th call: no meetings yet.


Try to imagine how frustrating and annoying this seems to be; this is the everlasting story of a lot (believe me, A LOT) of entrepreneurs that won’t make it at the end of the month and guess why? Because they think that the prospecting process begins on the phone, doing pitches to whomever answers and acting as if numbers were everything. Truth is there is much more to the game; today’s globalized world is constantly bringing new changes in every aspect of life and business is no exception. Long gone are the days of a company establishing relationships with a customer via conventional means, whereby the misconception of endless cold calling or e-mail blasting with no targeting whatsoever was the way-to-go for top tier businesses.


Nowadays, finding the right target groups to sell to is just as important as the selling process itself; this is what Lead Generation stands for: collecting and processing information of a specific customer segment that might be interested in a company’s products or services.


Here you have it, 3 reasons why you should use Lead Generation for your business and start making some real profit out of those phone calls:


1. Reliability of the information


Enough of those incorrect numbers and talking to people that are not in a position to listen to what you have to say. Doing some dedicated Lead Generation will give you reliable information that you can count on, such as correct corporate numbers and e-mails of the right decision-makers, for you to get straight to the point and to the person you actually want to speak with.


2. You get what you need, no crap


Some bulky premade databases have several rows of columns that you don’t even care about so, you are paying lots of money for a database whereby 80% of the info has no use for your business… yeah, right…

Lead Generation allows you to compile important data into one useful database that is much more effective and maybe cheaper.


3. Tailored to your needs


You are the one who decides the criteria for the process. Premade databases are not as specific or meticulous whatsoever; if you need to find prospects that have 20 or more Points of Sales, have a Chief Digital Officer, are located in Indiana and do eCommerce, you will hardly (never) find a database that fits these requirements. You may be better off spending that money on more fruitful stuff.


Lead Generation does take some time and effort but, in the long run, it will be much more profitable than just buying and buying again databases that won’t turn out to be 20% of what it cost you in terms of both time and money. Think smart, play safe, Lead Generation all the way!  To help demonstrate the value of lead generation, we offer the opportunity to get 3 FREE leads using our services.


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